In 2003, Louis-Olivier Carré, Powertrain Engineer and engine enthusiast decided to start his own business in turbo systems industry. With the help of his father, 30 year old experience diesel engines mechanic, he found the balance with theory and practice.

German base cars ardent, he worked hard not to double the power but to quintuple!!! From Diesel engines to Gas engines, his perseverance and inventiveness forward him to make revolution in that domain.

Boost Engineering is now a power team composed from Engineers and Technicians who work in mechanics, CAD CAM domain that they have only one thing in mind: performance and innovation

Today, we can trust on state of the art CNC manufacturing equipments that permit the design and manufacturing of turbocharging systems for any application type of gasoline and diesel engines.

Boost Engineering have only on goal, keeps heads up with innovative products and exceptional quality.